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      JUNE 2006
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JUNE 2006 a Big International Hit

WEDO Gets Up-close Look at New Orleans

At the UN

Joan Ross Frankson
Anique Halliday

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UNEP Champion of the Earth a Big International Hit
By Nadia Johnson

Three weeks since the launch and has attracted widespread international attention and praise.  Buzzing with traffic—over 3,000 daily visitors and more than 10,000 hits to date—the response to the site illustrates the necessity for a comprehensive resource documenting corporate abuses on women globally and highlighting women’s struggles and resistance.  Praise for MisFortune 500 is coming in from women, websites, bloggers, and organizations worldwide.


WEDO Gets Up-Close Look at New Orleans
By Zinga Fraser

WEDO and partners join to host human rights workshop in New Orleans

As environmental and political interests clash, natural disasters indiscriminately devastate communities worldwide, disproportionately impacting the poor—70 percent of whom are women.  Women’s limited access to resources—land rights, secure housing, employment, information and decision making—make them the most vulnerable to environmental catastrophe.  Nearly a year after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, women and children remain the majority of the displaced in New Orleans and Mississippi.  Yet, the state of women and the specific challenges for poor women and women of color in the Gulf Coast region have been left out of most relief and reconstruction efforts and decision-making processes.  To begin addressing this lack of a gender focus, WEDO partnered with locally-based activist groups to hold workshops (19-20 May 2006) on the Human Rights of Hurricane Survivors in New Orleans and Mississippi.


At the UN

Catch up on the latest processes at play: WEDO and other women's groups gear up for consultations with the SG Coherence Panel (July 2, Geneva) on UN Reform; WEDO and women’s rights groups issue a political declaration demanding accountability for women's rights on HIV/AIDS at the June UNGASS Review Meetings.